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    Walking in Donegal


    Churchill is a picturesque village set amidst the heathery mountains and rolling hills of Donegal. This vast unspoilt area entices walkers of all levels to come and explore both leisurely & freely the natural beauty of the area.

    Whether it’s a leisurely stroll along the banks of Gartan Lake, a brisk walk experiencing the local historical sites, or a challenging climb up Muckish, Errigal or the Derryveagh Mountains, a walk around Churchill offers an experience never to be forgotten.

    It’s free, it’s fun, it’s healthy, it’s fabulous, Come & see for yourself!

    The 'Walking Donegal, Derryveagh Glens' book is available in Wilkins Bar & Lounge in the village of Churchill.

    Also check out Glenveagh National Park for ongoing walking events run by the park.

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