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    The lakes that Churchill & District Anglers Association fish are Gartan Lake, Lough Akibbon & Lough na Callie.

    Gartan Lake has the run of Salmon and sea trout while also having a healthy stock of wild brown trout. It is the main source of the river Lennon that flows as far as Ramelton. It is the larger of all the Lakes, from the river Bullaba that runs in to the Lough to the river Lennon, it is a mile and a half to two miles long and a width of about 2/3 of the length.

    Lough Akibbon, it is the second biggest of the three Loughs. It only has wild brown trout but again a good natural stock of trout, this Lough can be fly fished by wading, float tube or boat.

    Lough na Caille is the smallest of the Loughs. It can only be fished by boat and the use of petrol outboard motors is strictly not allowed, although the battery type motor is ideal.

    The Church Hill & District Anglers Association recently opened New Wheelchair Accessible Jetty (one of the first of its kind in Donegal) situated beside the Glebe Gallery.

    To fish these three Loughs you must have a license/permit available at Top Tackle and in Mc Clafferty's pub in the village of Churchill.

    For more info on fishing or for advice call into Top Tackle, Port Road, Letterkenny, where they can help you with all your angling needs and with boat hire for the Loughs named.

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